Aichach Stadtpfarrkirche 2020

After the church renovation, the organ in the town parish church was also cleaned of dust and mould.


At the end of the successful church renovation in the town parish church of Aichach, the Klais organ (III/42) still had to be cleaned and overhauled.
In addition to the usual work, the unfinished art nouveau case was completed by us. Through the two lateral doors in the substructure, the organ case now appears complete.
In addition to the visual improvement, a wooden lattice filling in the doors also improved the sound.

The stops of the large pedal unfold much better in the large church space since the reconstruction.
Thanks to the thorough and comprehensive re-intonation by master organ builder Andreas Kiss, the organ now sounds fundamental and powerful again.
We thank you for the beautiful task and the good cooperation and wish the parish of Aichach much joy with their beautiful organ.