Grafenrheinfeld Kreuzauffindung 2020

The low pipes from the 16' and 8' ranks collapsed on the organ in Grafenrheinfeld.


The Winterhalter organ in Grafenrheinfeld was thoroughly overhauled by us in 2020. The low octaves of the pipework had collapsed in all 16' and 8' stops due to a faulty tin-lead alloy. In the course of the pipe replacement and the additional stabilisation measures, the organ was cleaned and thoroughly re-voiced by our experienced voicer, master organ builder Albert Nass. To crown it all, we installed a glockenspiel from the traditional Schiedmayer workshop in Wendlingen in the swell of the third manual. The sound development in the church room is excellent and the organ is perfectly complemented by the glockenspiel.
We would like to thank the Grafenrheinfeld church administration and Mr Aberle for their great trust and the always very pleasant and constructive cooperation.