The restoration of historical organ instruments plays an important role in our organ building workshop. We have not only specialised in the instruments of the southern German organ builders of the Romantic period such as G.F. Steinmeyer, F.B. Maerz, Siemann and Koulen. Among others, we have restored organs by Johann Phillip Seuffert from Würzburg, Anton Bouthillier from Oettingen, Josef Wiedemann from Bamberg, Adam Phillip Schleich from Regensburg.
Our many years of experience, knowledge of historical manufacturing methods and the best knowledge of the various organ systems are what sets us apart.
Our approach is based on careful planning of our projects.
We accompany and advise you from the very beginning. The appreciative appreciation of customers and experts is our goal - and our success proves us right.

Schwenningen 2013

The Schwenningen organ is again a work of the F.B. Maerz company and was built in 1909. This instrument was the last opus of the F.B. Maerz company.

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Pfaffing-Biburg St. Stephan 2011

The organ of the Pfaffing parish church was built around 1850 by the organ builder Jakob Müller from Tuntenhausen. It is probably one of the last instruments of this organ builder still preserved today.

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Puch St. Martin 2008

The Steinmeyer organ Opus No. 311 of the parish of Puch was built in 1886. We found the mechanical cone valve chest organ in a very poor condition.

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